Share a real estate listing on social media

Facebook, Youtube, Instagram. As a real estate broker, it’s in your best interest to develop your social media presence and be in control of it.

3 reasons for a real estate agent to be on social medias

Which social medias should you have?

A good social media strategy starts with selecting the platforms to work on:

Facebook is still relevant: You will be able to find a lot of prospective clients there. Facebook allows you to develop your brand, showcase your real estate expertise and create ad campaigns that reach the right target.

Youtube, dedicated to video sharing : It’s the number one video platform in the world. You can share, watch, like and get a lot of interaction such as comments on your videos. On Youtube, you get to target your trade area, that way you get a stronger presence locally and reinforce your expertise.

Instagram, the visual network : Ideal for visibility, reach more people, and develop your brand. You can share instantly with your community an event or service and reach new prospects. While it started as a photo-based service, it now emphasizes short videos called reels.

Why and how should we use videos in real estate? ?

Videos have become a bigger part of the digital marketing of real estate companies, especially on social medias. The viral potential of a property listing in video format is stronger than in a photo format. Web users, especially those looking for a property, tend to gravitate towards video content for its practicality and playfulness. It’s up to the brokers to adapt if you don’t want to let the concurrence take over!

The video format is more and more accessible, thanks to smartphones. Not at ease with video editing? A couple photos and basic listing informations is all it takes to create high-quality videos. We highly suggest using, Estate Sharing and Estate Essential for social media sharing.

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