Property Listing: a video take-over

Using video in real estate: all you need to know.

A video is a powerful marketing tool, and wether you are conscious of it or not, marketing is a big part of your real estate agent job. Your job is to sell, but in order to sell, you have to create a buzz in your customers. (That’s the goal of marketing)
Video marketing is a powerful tool for real estate brokers, but it’s still being under-utilized. Only 4% of real estate companies use this tool.
If you’ve been putting this tool away, now is the time to think of how you can incorporate it in your listings. It’s time to leave the competition that hasn’t used this tool behind.
Not convinced you need a video? Here are some of the advantages of video marketing in real estate.

Advantages of video integration in property listings

  • Real estate listings containing a video get 403% more requests than those without a video.
  • Buyers and sellers tend to prefer working with an agent that uses video in their marketing arsenal.
  • Highlighting a house or apartment in a Youtube video is a fruitful strategy for many brokers.
  • Social medias, like Facebook, encourage people to upload videos (and promotes that medium better). This generates more views, more interactions, and more reach.

How to work with video format in real estate?

Creating videos has become much easier and accessible thanks to the development of smartphones. Video editing not your strength? All you need is a couple photos and details that need to be known and you can make a high-quality video yourself.

The real estate world is one of the few areas with video potential that’s not being taped in yet. Whether you sell luxury houses or just sold a 2-bedroom apartment, having a video element will help both your buyers and sellers. When it comes to promoting the indoor, outdoor or the surrounding areas of the property, a video will set you apart from the competition and generate more sales! So, what are you waiting for?

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