Once upon a time… EstateStudio.com

Started by two passionate people always up for a challenge.

Florian and Frederic share the same passion on their Mountain Bike and behind their computer where they materialize their clients’ projects.

After offering various professional video services over the years, the pair realized there was an obvious need to create video templates for real estate agents.

Building from the success of those templates and the drive to meet the needs of more clients, was born the idea to let agents and brokers create their own videos. After all, we are in the do- it-yourself era!

Together, the entire EstateStudio team assembled around Florian and Frédéric to create real estate video templates easily transferable from one listing to the other.

Why choose the video format for a real estate listing?

There’s many reasons why the housing market is getting more and more competitive: :

  • Stricter laws
  • The health crisis
  • The health crisis
  • Online listings becoming the main way of reaching customers

For agents and brokers, the need to take care of clients and set yourself apart is at the heart of the quality of service.

What’s the first impression a client will get from you as a professional real estate agent? The type of visuals you use to promote your listing.

6+ photos in your listing?

+ 30 %

1 video listing?

+ 0 %

Why develop an online video tool just for the housing market?

You became a real estate agent in part for the independence and autonomy it gives you. We want to give you the online tool to create quick and easy real estate listing videos to your liking.

In a few clicks, and with no additional software or skills needed, you get a professional high quality video.

Thanks to EstateStudio.com, your video gives you more online reach and is easier to share through social media.

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